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snowpack.jpg (9999 bytes) SNOWPACK

The Snowpack was sent to us to review.  This is a new cold treatment product which comes nicely packed and was easy to use. The product freezes and is used like most other similar products, however the design allows for the Snowpack to stay cold for a long period of time. The snow like crystals inside the pack maintain a form fitting cold pack. We found the product to perform as advertised and were pleased with its performance.  The only caveat, and this is a by-product of the fact that the unit maintains it's colds temperate for a long time, is that when first removed from the freezer, you need to let the pack sit a few minutes to let the crystals slightly melt before the pack is trully pliable. One last thing - make sure to abide by the instructions and not leave the pack on too long, as it does maintain it's very cold temp and could pose an issue should you leave it on too long.  Fore more info visit their website : www.snowpackusa.com

irunbook (7126 bytes) I RUN, THEREFORE I AM NUTS!

I Run, Therefore I Am Nuts!, is a newly published book by Bob Schwartz and illustrated by B.K. Taylor. Schwartz is a freelance writer and experienced runner.

We received a review copy of Human Kinetics. I have two thoughts after reading this book. First, it is a must read for any serious and not so serious runner. Secondly, it would make an excellent gift for the runner in your family.

The book is an easy read, very funny and very enjoyable. Definately suggest you pick up a copy. You can order directly from us here at HI-TEK, via Amazon.com, using the below link.

I admit that many times while reading the book, I thought "I've done that", as Schwartz points out another funny moment related to training for that big race.

List Price: $15.95
Our Price:
You Save:
$3.19 (20%)



tanita_551_body_fat_scale.jpg (14486 bytes) TANITA 551 BODY FAT SCALE

The first thought may be that this is only for those runners who have it all... Not true.  At a cost of only $139, this item delivers a first rate family scale, as well as a very easy (and accurate) to use body fat scale for you and your family.

The unit allows four people to store their data and track their progress.  It can be used only as a scale, or as both a scale and body fat measurer.
(Those who use a pacemaker or similar type device are cautioned NOT to use the body fat monitor feature.)

I'm not a scientist, but I was trained to test body fat using the caliper method, and have also used other electronic devices, and based upon my findings I agree with the manufacturer that the unit is very accurate if used properly.

This item is available from us here at HI-TEK Racing for $139.



contour pak retail box.jpg (12239 bytes) CONTOUR PAK

The Contour Pak Cold Flex Wrap was sent to us to review. It came just in time, as I was battling a sore heel. I gave the cold Flex Wrap more than the once over, as I used it religiously for about a week with very positive results.  Ice is always nice, so to speak, but the pliable cold flex worked well as it molded to my foot.   The Velcro elastic straps assure a snug comfortable fit.

Using the wrap with the straps keeps the cold where you need it.  The unit is reusable and stores nicely in its plastic bag in your freezer.  It held the cold well and was very easy to use. My kids have also used the wrap and will vouch for its effectiveness.

The Cold Flex retails for $19.99 while the Ice on the Run retails for $13.99. We don't sell it here at HI-TEK but you can obtain it at Rite Aid stores and through their website at www.contourpak.com. The items will soon be available at Safeway stores as well.


reebok_fitness_trainer.gif (22621 bytes) REEBOK FITNESS TRAINER HEART RATE MONITOR - $119

Maybe it is just my nature, but I was hesitant when contacted to try the new Reebok line of Heart Rate Monitors. The unit pictured and reviewed here is the Fitness Trainer which is the middle of the road unit priced here at HI-TEK at $119. GO TO REEBOK INFO PAGE

We had two issues with the first unit sent. The packaging was cumbersome, especially for mail-order, and the unit had a defective button. This made us even more uneasy with the units, but thankfully we kept an open mind and gave the unit a second chance. I am glad we did. The replacement unit came in the newer and smaller molded plastic case, which makes it great for shipping, but also protects the unit for storage or travel. The buttons and controls worked just as advertised, and after a few minutes getting used to the procedures to set the unit, found it to be excellent and easy to set.

We've used it for a variety of runs and training, and are more than impressed with the unit.  The large display is easy to read, and the backlight makes night viewing easy. The unit will display heart\rate along with % of maximum, taking the guesswork out of the training routine. A scan feature will toggle the display between functions.

The transmitter is smaller and lighter than the traditional types, and allows the user to change the battery. A great feature!

This unit is a winner and highly recommended.   It compares well with the Polar line and offers features and pricing which gives Polar a run for the money.  Polar continues to set the standard for HRM's, but this unit and the Reebok line is worth a look for someone looking for a full featured great looking unit. I have been wearing the unit as a watch as well and have received many compliments on the great styling.

More Product Reviews Coming!


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