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99.1 PLR ShamRock & Roll Presented by Connex Credit Union

2,500 runners and to Collect 30,000 Diapers for The Diaper Bank!

New Haven, CT – On Sunday, March 5, 2017, the 20th Annual 99.1 PLR ShamRock & Roll 5K takes over the streets of New Haven! The event expects to collect over 30,000 diapers for the Diaper Bank. Race directors anticipate a crowd of 2,500 runners and walkers to participate in the event presented by Connex Credit Union. The race begins at 9 am from Toad’s Place on York Street in New Haven. 99.1 PLR ShamRock and Roll 5K hosts Connecticut’s 5K State Championship and is one of the largest winter road races held in Connecticut.

Participants are encouraged run or walk the 5K (3.1 miles) in St. Patrick’s Day costumes! Awards for best group and individual costumes are distributed as well as special prizes for the slowest finisher, shortest finisher and tallest finisher. Traditional awards are given to the fastest male and female finishers in each age category. Runners, walkers and spectators again can enjoy rock bands playing at Toad's Place and along the 5K course. Two complimentary Guinness beers are given to participants 21 and over! Participants receive long sleeve technical tees, on-course entertainment, food and refreshments courtesy of 99.1PLR and Toad’s Place.

The race benefits the Diaper Bank. On average, an adequate supply of diapers for a child can cost over $100 per month. State-assisted programs do not cover the cost of diapers. Many parents who are already struggling to pay for rent and food simply can not afford the high cost of diapers for their children. The Diaper Bank is a local organization dedicated to helping those in need by giving diapers to families in the New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford area. Participants are encouraged to bring diapers to the event. An anonymous donor matches the number of diapers donated on race day! In addition, the participant who donates the most diapers receives the Sam Tilery Award. The race is in honor of Sam Tilery, who was a longtime promotional director at 99.1 PLR and supporter of the event and The Diaper Bank.

"We are always excited about hosting 99.1 PLR ShamRock & Roll! Drew Carrano, Director of Marketing & Promotions at 99.1PLR, states, “Our St. Patrick's Celebration combines fitness along with fun, music and helping local families.”

John Bysiewicz, coordinator of the Faxon Law New Haven & Fairfield Road Races, organizes the event. For race information about the event, visit or call (203) 481- 5933.

The event is sponsored by 99.1PLR, Connex Credit Union, Guinness, Vantage by Frontier, Toad’s Place, Chabaso Bakery, Woodbridge Running Company, Julia’s Bakery and AMR.



The principals are all the same when it comes to mind and body. Equilibrium, tranquility and comfort being keywords. I know I’ve had my fair share of living without realising I was not taking good care of myself. I would take care of me eating healthier. Or I would take care of me being even more active in running. Or I would take care of me not doing anything at all (and convincing myself that my brain was benefiting with a “pause” - instead, my mind would run wild and I didn’t get any tranquility out of that).

It seems it’s easy these days to say — “Yes, I take good care of myself” while focusing on ONE good thing you do for yourself — either concerning your diet, exercise or being lazy for a bit.

And while all of those examples are certainly true and you are doing your best to accommodate your needs the best you can, it is very rare that you gather all the areas that need a bit of TLC - instead we focus on one particular lifestyle choice believing that somehow our WHOLE life will be better. I’m sorry to break it to you but that won’t work.

As a runner, I was always one that would go for it if I was feeling down — certainly better than doing nothing about it but that simply isn’t enough. You have to create a plan that will meet all kinds of personal needs — mental and physical.

You also have to pay attention to your body and feelings — sometimes you’ll need to nurture your inner self, other times you will be slacking and your body will resent it.

It’s not a steady ride, not as simple as the running steps. It is full of different focuses in the course of a week, a month or year.
If you have a steady routine of running, I’d tell you to never break it. But just as I was explaining, maybe you will have to break it one day or two (if you’re not preparing for a race). Don’t ever feel guilty for breaking your running routine if your body is telling you something is wrong or if you run and find yourself miserable. Most of the times, running will actually make you feel a lot better - inside and out — but you have to take into account all the other aspects of your daily routine.

If you find that you’re not having enough sleep hours or simply a pause of 30 minutes for reading or other leisure activities, maybe you should cut down the time you run so you can do those things. As soon as you feel the tranquility and equilibrium back, get back to the full schedule of running.

If your mind isn’t in the right place, nothing will seem to “work” in your life — perspectives get dark and what made you happier before isn’t doing anything for you now. Well, have you thought about rescheduling your daily plans?

There are a lot of options for doing things differently - if your body is telling you something is wrong, find some time to pamper yourself. Indulge a bit and try to find what it is that is making you feel “off”. If your diet is lacking in any sort of nutritional values, try to find if you’re actually doing it wrong - maybe you should recalculate what YOUR body needs and change things up a bit.
If you don’t feel like running outside just use a treadmill. There is no excuse for “bad weather” or “it’s really not a nice place to go for a run”. Investing in something that will help you accomplish everything you want from running is never a bad decision. You have to have some self-discipline of course but at least you won’t be eaten up by the guilt of not running that day.

I believe that all of us have the same guiding principles when it comes to our minds and bodies but these have to be adjusted according to each person.
Some people like to run alone, some people just have to have a running buddy. We’re all different but the goals are the same.

Just pay attention and find out what really works for you when not competing — never underestimate any pains or restraining thoughts. Don’t push yourself to run harder because previously you’ve slacked a bit due to not feeling well — find out what is creating that feeling and then adjust to it.

I once had a rotular problem that I discarded for months and months. I was running more than ever because I thought I could beat the pain away and exercise would only be the right thing to continue doing. After half a year running on a damaged knee, I had to stop completely (even walking was a big no-no) for almost a year. Why? I didn’t pay attention. I didn’t adjust a new system to new needs.

Refrain from having to go through bad times by simply planning and giving the best you got to the person you should know the best — yourself. That is the best and honest advice I will ever give and it certainly changed my life for the better.


Author’s Bio:

Jane Grates is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and manages Nicershoes when she is not busy. Aside from preparing for a race, Jane loves to travel to popular running destinations all over the world.




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